After 6 years of absence Interpack is finally back and will take place in Duesseldorf from 04 to 10 May 2023. WM is very excited to participate again and will attend in the Swiss pavilion, booth 8A/D59. Sales Area Managers Joerg Huth and Giorgio Zucchi will be there to welcome all the visitors and present all latest developments.

What’s new?

Joerg Huth, Sales Area Manager, has followed closely the testing of innovative materials coordinating with the Polish supplier KGL.

“Instead of the “traditional” expanded PS, more and more of our customers have started producing with X-PET and X-PP. The production includes ready meat trays, coffee-to-go lids and cups, egg-tray packaging, as well as many other applications.

The specific weight of the product is carefully checked, because it is important for the after-use material separation and reycling in today’s recycling plants.”

“The material savings are very interesting. With expanded materials we save up to 10 – 15% compared to rigid foil. Packaging rigidity is obtained by studying the design in order to reinforce sidewalls and edges, and additionally there are several additives which may be added to increase the resistance to compression”.

Interpack will be a great chance to go into details about the results obtained with these materials.

“In the Swiss pavilion we have Promix Solutions AG as our neighbor. They are involved in the supply of physical expansion units and specific additives for microcell extrusion. In several cases, their products are tested and running successfully with WM’s thermoforming machines around the world. It will be interesting to go deeper in the discussion with their specialists”.

“We will present to our visitors an interesting range of samples, produced on our thermoforming machines by different customers. For some trays we are also able to display laboratory compression tests comparing rigid foil VS. expanded foil”.

Where: Messe Duesseldorf | Interpack, Swiss pavilion, booth 8A/D59
When: 04-10 May 2023

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