Time to adapt

Whatever your reasons for changing your existing thermoforming equipment might be, with our FX, FLEX, Twist and FT series, you now can easily switch to WM’s thermoforming technology without losing one of your most important assets that consist of the existing production tooling (mold) that usually represents a high capital cost for your company.

With our Plug and Play system and minor modifications, we now offer mold compatibility of the standard KMD, RDK, RDKP and RDM series.

Reasons for changing to WM technology:

  • Ultra robust equipment
  • Maximum machine performance guaranteed
  • Highest machine throughput per square meter
  • Highly intuitive software and refined mechanics to maximize machine reliability
  • Data and Analytic driving technology for easier machine setup and optimized operations
  • My FX app allowing you to monitor your machine fleet
  • Personalized customer service
  • Differentiated integrated automation systems (Multi Stacker, AI-powered vision inspection system)
  • Machine self-setting for faster machine startup and optimal machine performance

Feel free to contact our sales managers to discuss the equipment that best fits your needs.

Contact us at sales@wm-thermoforming.com

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