Thermoforming IN-LINE and OFF-LINE
热成型 在线或离线生产线热成型  在线或离线生产线

We manufacture following machines and lines

FT 500 – FT 700 – FT 900 / TWIST 300 – TWIST 700
Air pressure forming and punching in the same mould, the machines have a 75 degrees lower tilting platen. Different stacking solutions are available depending on the final product.
(FT series machines are available also as IN-LINE version with one or more extruders)

Max mould size 最大模具尺寸
FT 500: 570×375 mm – FT 700: 705×400 mm – FT 900: 880×520 mm
TWIST 300: 340×230 mm – TWIST 700: 705×400 mm

FT系列下载  / TWIST700系列下载

WM thermoforming machine FC series

FC 600 – FC 780 – FC 1000:
High speed vacuum and pressure forming machines with subsequent cutting by steel rule and stacking.

Max mould size 最大模具尺寸
FC 600: 640×450 mm – FC 780: 780×570 mm
FC 1000: 1060×750 mm
All the FC machines have other available versions including the possibility of cutting by steel rule in the same forming station (IM) and/or with an additional press for holes punching (HP).


WM thermoforming line INTEC

INTEC 700/900 – 1000 – 1100

INTEC 700/900:
Complete IN-LINE system for the production of more then 120.000 PP cups (200cc) per hour.
完整的INTEC 900一体机生产线,每小时可生产120,000 个PP杯子(200cc).

INTEC 1000:
Complete IN-LINE system for the production of 36.000 plates HIPS per hour.
完整的INTEC 1000一体生产线,每小时可生产36,000个HIPS托盘产品.

INTEC 1100:
Complete IN-LINE system for the production of more then 200.000 cups (200cc) HIPS per hour, for very high production of disposable cups.
完整的INTEC 1100一体机生产线,每小时可生产200,000个 HIPS杯子(200cc),针对高速产线的一次性塑料杯.


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