The value of automation

Nowadays more and more thermoformers demand for a flexible and reliable automated process, from simple projects involving only thermoforming machine and packaging unit, up to more complex systems involving extruder, thermoforming, rimming, packaging, boxing, palletizing units…

There are several reasons for choosing an automated system: minimizing labor force, reducing human touch and handling, improving hygienic level without limiting machine speed, output and finished products quality… WM has recently supplied and successfully installed two fully automated thermoforming systems, one for sauce tubs and one for lids, to an important Middle East customer.

These two lines include:  nr. 1 thermoforming machine FT900 + nr. 1 Kiefer mould + nr.2 Imanpack packaging units + n.1 Tria Grinder.

These two thermoforming lines enable the customer to have a high degree of automation, leaving space for further development, and great flexibility thanks to the interchangeability of the mould.

The challenge

The most challenging part in automating this project, was to handle shallow lightweight lids. Due to their shape, these items are very hard to stack and pack without scattering.

The MSv stacker with the integrated lid packing system developed with and by our partner Imanpack was the perfect solution, guaranteeing a stable process from the forming till the packaging in only 3 steps. It is especially suitable for small and lightweight products on our tilting machines.

The result is a smooth product handling during the forming, stacking and packing process.


thermoformed cups and lids

The project in steps

The success of the project involving these two thermoforming lines was achieved through the following steps:

  • visit of WM’s thermoforming specialist to customer location together with each partner in order to fully understand customer requirements, and focused technical meetings at supplier’s venues;
  • choosing the right machine: the project required highest product quality, so the customer selected the FT900 punch and die technology. More features making this machine perfect for the project: compact size, high-speed productivity, steady process with no vibration, low noise;
  • thermoforming output: the FT 900, the largest tilting machine in the range, has a huge output: 57 cavities at 30 cycle/min, meaning nearly 2.5 million pcs/day for each of the two lines;
  • choice of the partners: mould maker Kiefer and packaging supplier Imanpack have been selected due to well-proven experience with similar products;
  • development of the pilot mould in close collaboration between WM and Kiefer tehcnical departments; initial mould testing at Kiefer to have immediate response in case of necessary adjustments; final machine and mould trial at WM with customer material to recreate as much as possible customer working condition
  • full flexibility thanks to mould interchangeability from one thermoforming line to the other;
  • Industry 4.0 ready;
  • convenient payment conditions with the possibility to enjoy 5-year financing.
thermoforming line with automated packaging system

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