Packaging is a fast-evolving industry, changing constantly under the influences of customers, manufacturers, retailers and governments, while keeping up with the need to look attractive, protect the content from damage, reduce costs, be easily recyclable, reduce energy use and much more… The food industry is especially accelerating due to the market shift in favor of the global market, consequently giving a huge boost to the food packaging industry, which is concentrating on research and development (for example new solutions to increase product shelf life, etc…). Thermoforming, due to its high versatility and very competitive pricing, is becoming one of the most appreciated technologies used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic and semiconductor sector. WM is constantly monitoring and analyzing all these trends, developing new solutions to respond to the continuously transforming needs and expectations of the market and of the customers.

Thermoforming Technology

When we speak about “thermoforming” we are using a definition coined in 1938 to describe the overall process of vacuum and high-pressure forming.
Massive machinery production and market attention came in the 50s, together with the introduction of polypropylene thanks to Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler, who researched and developed catalyst for polymerization of PP material. PET was invented before 1941, but the application in thermoformed food packaging became appealing at the end of the 19th century. There are different applications and concept in thermoforming, but WM Thermoforming Machines is particularly focused on the high-speed vacuum… Download press release


To deliver high-quality products and services is a top priority for WM.

“Quality” can be defined as the “features and characteristics of a product that bear its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”. In order to reach the highest quality standards we consider these two skills fundamental:

  • Be receptive of market and customers’ requirements, and be quick and relevant in the response
  • Be ready to break the rules, think outside the box and pursue disruptive innovation

Since 1981 WM specializes in thermoforming machines. To stay focused on our core business, developing ourselves and our technology, as well as taking care of our long-term relationship with customers and suppliers is what is truly important and meaningful to us. Quality means continuous improvements, to be achieved along all the production chain from supplier to final customer, and of course in the work of our team and in the efforts that we dedicate to research and development. WM is not only a machine supplier. WM is a reliable and dedicated partner, supporting your business and your success. We are passionate workers, and we know how to listen and how to put our passion, our inspiration and our expertise at your service to reach the best results together.


When speaking about packaging, sustainability is a very sensitive subject that mustn’t be neglected.

Plastic is a truly incredible material, which if managed in the right way can be recycled and reused indefinitely. WM is directly involved in one single process of the long plastic transformation chain, the one that involves the transformation of the raw material into a finished product. Sooner or later we become consumers, and our civic sense is affected as our duty is to sensitize other users to correctly separate and collect plastics to pursue the goal of total recycling. To put this into practice in an efficient and effective way is largely in the hands of our governments, but we must consider that governments most of the times reflect the personality and behavior of their citizens. WM understands the importance of sustainability in today world and day by day is persevering through innovation and research to make thermoforming a more sustainable process. In the developments of our machines some key points which are always taken into consideration are for example the reduction of the processed raw material keeping the same technical characteristics of the finished product, the reduction of the energy used for each Kg of transformed material, the efficiency of the machines to reduce the processing waste, IN-LINE extrusion and thermoforming streamlined molds, more reliable stacking systems and the use of new technologies and components within our machines make the thermoforming process more and more green day by day. But even if our daily contribution aims to this mission, we must never forget that the most important part in the management of plastic is played by the consumer, who must consciously know how to handle this precious material in order that it does not become waste, but it is given a new life.