N.EXT screw diameters 30 – 45 – 75 – 90 mm

Vertical roll stack

WM has designed a 3-rolls vertical stack calender to ensure:

  • Low bending of the rollers
  • Low thickness tolerance
  • Rigid frame and roll constructions
  • Individually designed temperature control systems
  • Highly accurate single drivers for each roll

Thermo-calender unit

The WM thermo calender unit stabilizes and optimizes the PS sheet temperature before entering the forming area. The calender is built on a strong steely carrying structure.

There are two kinds of movements:

  • continuous motion
  • intermittent motion

Continuous motion is used at the production start-up for sheet lead-in. Intermittent motion is used within the normal sequence of production run.
High energy efficiency as heating ovens are not necessary.