Компания WM примет участие в выставке Росупак

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Компания WM рада сообщить о своем участии в престижном мероприятии Rosupack (Российская Федерация) с 15 июня 2021 года. Выставка завершится 18 июня 2021 года. Россия уже несколько лет является особенно важным и стратегическим рынком для WM. В ближайшее время компания планирует еще больше расширить сотрудничество и экспорт своей продукции на территорию Российской Федерации. Чтобы

WM: forty years of technological climb

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2021 MARKS A MILESTONE IN WM THERMOFORMING MACHINES HISTORY, CELEBRATING ITS 40TH ANNIVERSARY. What common thread connects the company of 1981 to that of 2021? For sure, PASSION (as the company payoff: "Moved by passion" suggests). "Especially our passion for research and innovation, and the continuous escalation of technological know-how originating from it" declared

WM’s participation at Rosupack exhibition

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WM is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious event Rosupack (Russian Federation) from June 15, 2021. The fair will end on June 18, 2021. Russia has been a particularly important and strategic market for WM for several years: In the coming years the company plans to further increase the cooperation and export


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VISIT OUR BOOTH 10K43 IN THE SWISS PAVILION  WE'LL TAKE YOU ON A VIRTUAL TRIP TO WM FACTORY IN SWITZERLAND! After the forced stop in 2020, WM Thermoforming Machines is back at CHINAPLAS 2021, one of the world’s most influential plastic events. The exhibition, rescheduled for April 13-16 2021, will be held in Shenzhen


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Switzerland Global Enterprise has launched the virtual showroom of the Swiss packaging, processing and plastics industry, and we are part of it! Begin the visit right now and explore our stand: Contact us on:  for any questions or further information. or subscribe to our newsletter to follow our updates or follow us


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在2020年展会被迫停止之后, WM热成型机又回到了CHINAPLAS 2021 这是世界上最具影响力的塑料盛会之一。 展览改期为2021年4月13日至16日,将在深圳国际会展中心举行,与以往相同,WM热成型机将与SGE(瑞士全球企业)代表团一起在10号馆瑞士馆– 展位10K43。 鉴于当前的情况和安全措施,瑞士总公司将与中国团队一起参加现场活动,而瑞士总部的海外人员将在整个活动期间进行实时视频直播。 参加WM展位的CHINAPLAS与会者将有独特的机会“参观”瑞士总部进行实时访问,观看热成型机运行的现场演示,可提出问题并与WM的本地和海外专家进行讨论,甚至更多的收获… 在WM的工厂中可使用的机器包括FT和TWIST系列(翻转模模)FC系列(带钢刀裁切的正负压热成型机),和FLEX92(匹配广泛模具的钢刀裁切)。 去年,WM通过多种方式增加了各类虚拟活动,无论疫情如何发展,都可以与客户在一起,例如:完善远程试车程序,在线开放工厂和会议,并通过新闻通讯和社交媒体来推广其内容 ,并为亚洲群众创建一个官方微信频道。 CHINAPLAS是一个让更多客户增加与瑞士公司联系的好机会。 2021年对WM具有特殊意义,WM庆祝在热成型行业的40周年。 这也是为什么WM决定对其产品提供非常特别的介绍,以及对其专门技术和专长的独家见解的另一个原因。 在公司的内部查看,客户将能够感受到WM组织和员工的特质以及其背后的激情(这体现在公司的座右铭“被激情所感动”)。 WM的人员在10号瑞士馆 - 10K43展位里恭候您的光临! Contact us on:  for any questions or further information. or subscribe to our newsletter to follow our updates or follow us on Youtube or Linkedin


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Happy Chinese New Year 2021 祝您与亲人一起庆祝新的一年的开始,希望新的一年能为您带来健康和繁荣财富 WM地区经理 Giorgio Zucchi / WM地区经理 Andrea Crespi Contact us on:  for any questions or further information. or subscribe to our newsletter to follow our updates or follow us on Youtube or Linkedin

FC 780 HP pour la production haute cadence des barquettes ventilée pour les produits frais, fruits et légumes

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WM est toujours prédisposée à rechercher avec les clients et les fournisseurs de nouvelles solutions pour répondre aux exigences du marché française. Une des réalisations les plus récentes est la livraison d’une FC 780 HP Speedmaster (machine de formage sous vide / haute pression, qui comprend également une presse poinçon/matrice et est prédisposée à

“If the mountain won’t come to you…”

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Covid restrictions are still preventing our customers from travelling, so we are finding new ways for them to "come" in WM for machine testing. Our sales area manager Ottavio Tonon has just finished a very thorough virtual acceptance of our FC 780 HP: a 4-hours session with customer and agent connected through video call,

Glad to announce the successful installation of two FC 780 IM in North and South Vietnam

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The company purchasing the machines is a new customer for WM, and a big player in the Vietnamese foodindustry. Thanks to the improvements in  remotecommissioning procedures, and to the support of WM's local technician, the start-up of the machines (equipped with moulds by the German mouldmaker Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH) was amazingly fast and smooth.

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