During the upcoming K-show, WM Thermoforming Machines will be presenting the newly designed FC 1000 IM2, a high performance thermoformer that combines maximum size with speed covering a wide range of products of the global thermoforming market.

Faster changing markets with shorter product cycle times require flexible and reliable thermoforming equipment, able to deliver quick tool changes and fast machine startups. The IM2 configuration enables our customers to easily switch from the “form with in-mold trim” to the “form with separate cut” setting in function of the specific product needs. Flexibility and speed can also be found in WM’s 3-axis robot which has up to 10 different mode settings that can handle an endless number of product designs and mold layouts.

WM’s well-engineered robust thermoformers minimize the vibration which consequently results in less wearing of the cutting knives, less downtime and higher machine efficiency and productivity. The upgraded intuitive inhouse software with the new presetting function will now automatically calculate up to 90% of the optimal machine settings and consequently process parameters, allowing the experienced operator to shorten the machine startup of new products and the less experienced operator learn from the machine algorithm which has been developed based on our 40 years of thermoforming experience.

The FC 1000 IM2 with its 130 US Tons currently offers the highest machine throughput per square meter currently available on the thermoforming market, which thanks to its engineered toggle and yoke compensation system guarantees the highest speed and cutting precision for any material from PET, PP, PLA and other biodegradable materials including paperboard.

The redesigned FC 1000 IM2 thermoformer which now comes in a red-grey color combination stands for the company’s passion and sophistication for building their equipment and servicing their customers.

During the K-show, we also will be presenting the camless tilting machine, the TWIST 700 with the NEW multistacker MSvs, livestreamed from Stabio, Switzerland.

WM Thermoforming Machines, the right machine, people and service for all your thermoforming projects.

Visit WM at K Show 2022 – Hall 3 / Stand A16

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