At K2022 WM Thermoforming Machines has presented a large, high-speed thermoformer that can make a wide range of products. The configuration of the FC 1000 IM2 , the “Queen” of WM’s range, enables customers to easily switch from “form with in-mould cutting” to “form with separate cut” settings.

Thanks to its engineered toggle and yoke compensation system, the FC 1000 IM2 offers the highest machine throughput per square meter currently available on the thermoforming market.

WM’s 3-axis robot was also desiged for flexibility and speed. It has up to 10 different mode settings that can handle a variety of product designs and mould layouts. “We have been continuously developing the machinology and improving speed” said Gregory Romanski, WM Sales Area Manager for Belgium, the Netherlands, and South America.

The flexibility of the machine allows for different products and design layouts and takes approximately one hour to change. It can take materials such as PET, polypropylene, polylactic acid, paperboard and other biodegradable materials.

WM has also focused on energy saving, looking at the heating process of the machine. WM has a local presence in 60 countries and is supported by 35 agents. It sells about 45 machines a year.

With an evolving customer mix, WM is prepared to go any direction with automation There are new products like mixing plastic and paper that WM would like to look into more.

“It’s going to be tweaked maybe within the next few years because the industry itself is trying to find its way” Romanski said.

During K2022 WM has also hosted a dedicated appointment with the series of Tech Talks “Synergizing Technologies”. Three talks per day, with presentations by key players from different areas of thermoforming (extrusion, mould making, packaging solutions, grinding solutions, material …) sharing precious industry insights on several topics, such as sustainability and energy saving, automated processes, performance improvements, and much more.

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