WM is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious event Rosupack (Russian Federation) from June 15, 2021. The fair will end on June 18, 2021.

Russia has been a particularly important and strategic market for WM for several years: In the coming years the company plans to further increase the cooperation and export of its products on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To underline once again the great strategic importance of the Russian market for the Swiss company, it is worth mentioning how in the last three years the market of the Russian Federation has absorbed all the technologies belonging to the prestigious range “WM Thermoforming Machines” (such as steel rule cutting machines, in-mould trimming machines with lower tilting paten and inline plants).

In recent years the following products have been supplied to the Russian market:

  • FC 1000 IM high productivity PP tray with narrow cutting tolerance due to in-mould cutting function with clamping force up to 130 tons
  • Complete extrusion and thermoforming line for the production of PP cups with forming depths up to 180 mm.
  • FC 780 series machines in 3 and 4 stations to cover the entire production of PET trays and lids with and without hole punching, highly flexible machines allowing quick mould change
  • Twist 700 tilting machine with independent mould movements, electronically controlled and integrated robotic stacker synchronization, the fastest machine on the market to tackle the PET glass market.

This year WM proudly celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding, exploring its path to growth and its successes as a major player in the thermoforming scenario.

One of its distinguishing features, and a most appreciated one, is the single-frame construction of the machine, which enables the customer to perform the start-up operations simply, safely and fast. Such feature has become more and more important as the request for remote machine installation increased due to travel restrictions.

Artur Khachatryan, director of OOO FOPOS, a plastic products manifacturer based in Novosibirsk, has shared his experience with the latest FC 780 E purchased by WM, expressing why the “single-frame”feature is so important. “From the truck arrival at Fopos premises to the start of production operations, it took about 2 days and a half. Today, to be able to install a thermoforming machine with such a fast and simple procedure is a huge strength, and so is the customer remote support accompanying the customer during the operations”.

The FC Series by WM Thermoforming Machines are fully controlled by HDMI B&R. The heating system is customizable with HTS black resistors, to offer higher energy savings (up to 12% in PET forming)

Other major features of the FC range are the possibility to adjust the lower platen of the forming press, and a remarkable precision and repeatibility of the cut.

The software, fine-tuned during decades of research and development by highly qualified engineers, offers assisted settings and cycle optimization, and is included in the basic version of the machine.

All WM machines are equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection for the use of “Remote Access Connection Unit”, enabling WM service in Stabio to access full PLC view and HDMI video pages, for a fast remote support, diagnostics and corrective actions by specialized technicians.

For more information about the machines, WM will be present at Rosupack 2021 with its local agent Plastmash, in Pavilion 1, Hall 3, Stand 1011. At the stand there will also be a “Remote Corner” with the possibility to interact with the headquarter in Stabio, and see demostration in live streaming.

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