PP tubs and lids with diameter 115-118 mm are global standard products for which WM Thermoforming Machines has supplied hundreds of machines. PP tubs are usually thermoformed with the in-mould Trimming Technology on a lower tilting platen machine; as for lids the production is mostly carried out with the Steel Rule Cutting technology and stacked with a robot stacker due to the impossibility to stack and pack the lids automatically when using the Tilting mould technology.

Recently WM successfully started-up its In-line Extrusion and Thermoforming plant INTEC FT 900/2, an in-mould trimming machine with lower tilting platen able to thermoform, stack and pack tubs and lids on the same machine thanks to the fabulous MSv Multi Stacker presented by WM at the K 2016. The stacking system has been designed to collect and stack the trimmed parts and placing them on a conveyor belt in order to transfer them to the ensuing process.

The Multistack unit consists essentially of the following components:


The parts formed during the machine’s operating cycle are taken from the mould and are then released into the vertical counting cage by the robot stacker.

Once the pre-set number of products are stacked, all the piles are discharged into the transferring cage.

While the transferring cage is moving to discharge the products row by row on the conveyor belt, the counting cage is collecting the next pile of products released from the robot stacker, ensuring the maximum possible stacking speed.

The final section consists of a transfer system, which unloads all the stacks one by one, prior to sending them to the packaging machine. All these movements are synchronized through the MLS system management (Machine Learning System).

Another special solution applied on this project was taken from the mould technology Marbach Mt easy speed.

The new thermoforming tool concept by Marbach offers remarkable achievements for the thermoforming process. Increased productivity, a three-fold tool life and smooth handling are only a few of the new accomplishments, by means of which MT easy speed can entirely convince its operators. MT easy speed takes advantage of the characteristics of aluminum.

A very high forming stability at 30% reduced weight speaks for itself. The cooling properties of aluminum and water create an operating window of 15 °C. The short maintenance cycles guarantee a high productivity and return. The tool is manufactured with a fine powder-metal-mixture. This results in a three-fold longer tool life and ideal equipment for the requirements of a tough production routine. Sound handling and extensive support lead to efficient results. The operation of MT easy speed is smooth and mature and perfectly aligned to the customer’s individual wishes. The result shows stable processes with an outstanding quality level.

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