WM SA Thermoforming Machines, the Swiss based company, in collaboration with Kiefer and Milliken is going to show for the first time to the K 2016 show’s visitors, the model TWIST 700 with MSv7 stacker, in operation.

The TWIST 700 is a pressure forming machine with lower tilting platen without mechanical cams.

The specifications of the TWIST 700 are:

  • Max. Tool size:                      705 x 400 mm
  • Max. negative depth:           150 mm
  • Max. positive depth:            10 mm

Why the TWIST 700 is a veritable new concept of machine? Because:

  • The lower tilting platen execute a rotation of 75°, on prismatic linear guides, so no vibrations, no cams to achieve a max. speed of 50 cycles/1’ in production!
  • The “electronic cam” in the PLC of the machine guarantees an absolute precision and repeatability of the movements, controlling the force distribution during the platen movements and in the cutting phase.
  • The advance control system provides a prefect management of all cycle parameters, and the absolute synchronization with the MSv7 stacker movement in order to maximize the output in production up to 50 cycles/1’.
  • The MSv7 stacker has a vertical basket with a rotating pick and place plate suitable to stack on the same unit with the best performances and high quality all shape of products like cups, bowls and lids.
  • The MSv7 stacker is also easy to keep clean and easy to maintain because without brushes or rubber parts.

The TWIST 700 will be in operation at WM Thermoforming Machines booth Hall 3/A16 with a ultra-clear PP sheet, thick 630 microns and a 10 cavities mould for bowls ø113×30 mm, with an output of +42 cycles/1’.

The PP sheet is with Milliken Europe’s NX clarifier master batch (H6/A27) and the mould is manufactured by the German mould maker KIEFER Werkzeugbau GmbH (H3/C94) for a RDM 70K machine.