Last 24th and 25th September at WM Wrapping Machinery Sa headquarters in Stabio (Switzerland) has been held the annual Agents Meeting of the sales force of the Swiss company, manufacturer of thermoforming machines.

At the meeting 18 Representative Agents were present from just as many countries around the world.

During this particularly intense two-day, in addition to the usual updating about the latest technological innovations applied to the new generation of WM’s machines, there has been the presentation of the machines intended for company’s participation at the International K2013 Fair in Düsseldorf (Germany).

The two models object of the presentation belong to two different types of products : the FC 780 IM/2 Speedmaster Plus, thermoforming vacuum/compressed air thermoforming machine, with the possibility of forming and steel rule cutting in a single workstation, with the additional cutting press and three-axis stacking robot , the FT 500 Desmoformer for forming with simultaneous cutting, lower tilting platen and subsequent stacking by a new group composed of double rotating plate, called RS7 Rotostack .

Booth machines have been presented in operation, the first with a mould for the production of egg containers in APET and the second with a mould 22 cavities for the production of PP yogurt cups with flat edge.

Of course enough time has been left to the exchange of views and the analysis of the actual economic situation of the market in the different geographical areas, but the moments of conviviality didn’t lack, especially with the main event, the dinner that has involved all the Agents, the Area Managers and the Owner of WM Wrapping Machinery Sa , Mr. Dario Gotti.

The Agent Meeting has an important opportunity to strengthen interpersonal relationships between the Agents and broaden the vision on the packaging market which is in constant evolution and innovation.

A sincere thanks to all the participants for the important contribution of ideas and experiences brought and that have contributed to the success of this event.

The appointment for everybody is scheduled for next year!