Dear all,

this is the first number of WM FOCUS, a newsletter that starting from December 2012 we will send to all our Customers every three months. In our intention this will be the “sewing thread”  between the Company and all of you.

Since the beginning of our adventure in thermoforming field, in the eighties, we supplied more than nine hundred machines all around the world. With some of our oldest Customers we have established a relationship which is much more than a business, in some cases we have grown up together, step by step, and quite often the new lines or the improvements we realized on our machines were coming out from their suggestions.

With the more recent Customers we really want, we need, to improve our reciprocal acquaintance for a stronger relationship. A continuous dialogue with You in essential for us and even the most skilled designer engineer needs always a comparison, an exchange of ideas with the final user. This is our goal.

The target of this newsletter is “to keep  in touch”, we really hope it will became an open space where to meet from time to time, a simple way to let you know what’s going on at WM and invite you to visit us. We thank you in advance for the attention you will pay to these few pages, any of your suggestion or comment will be much appreciated.

Hoping to see you soon, we would like to express you our best wishes for the coming New Year.

WM Staff