How to understand the basics of thermoforming

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Thermoforming is a process for the transformation of plastic material by heat and combination of compressed air/vacuum and cutting with steel-rule blades. What is a Thermoforming machine? Through our thermoforming machines we transform plastic raw material which has previously been extruded into reels of sheet. The sheet thickness is generally up to 1.8 – 2.0

Thermoforming process and advantages

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Thermoforming experts follow the process of shaping plastic parts from a softened thermoplastic sheet. The process starts by heating a plastic sheet and then shaping it according to the mould. Let’s see the creation process in detail. Thermoforming lines: the beginning of the process The process begins with the foil transportation chain. Here, the reel

Thermoforming machines: cutting method and series

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There are two types of thermoforming process: IN LINE and OFFLINE, depending on production rate requirements. For the production of a single product with very high production runs of millions of pieces per month, such as drinking cups or disposable containers for yogurt, it is usually recommended to put the thermoforming machine IN-LINE with

WM brings thermoforming to BANDERA PLASTIC WEEK 2021

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On 21, 22, 23 and 25 June, Bandera THOE - The House of Extrusion®, will host Bandera Plastic Week, the live digital event to show case Bandera’s latest innovations for the plastics industry. The four days will be characterized by the presentation of Bandera's technologies and by debates and web seminars on current topics,

PLAST Milan has been postponed to 2023, but WM has plans underway

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WM Sales Director Luca Oliverio, and the Area managers Ottavio Tonon and Stefano Gotti discuss about the postponed PLAST exhibition, and about the upcoming events in WM. Ottavio Tonon: Hey Luca. It’s too bad that PLAST Milan has been postponed, and we can't exhibit this year, right? Luca Oliverio: Yeah. But we are planning

FC 1000 IM2 at CHINAPLAS 2021: highest throughput and cutting precision

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FC 1000 IM2 at CHINAPLAS 2021: highest throughput and cutting precision Despite a limited international presence compared to its previous editions, CHINAPLAS 2021 offered WM the chance not only to be closer but also to interact with the visitors, with real-time demonstrations streamed directly from the headquarter in Stabio, Switzerland, for the whole duration


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VISIT OUR BOOTH 10K43 IN THE SWISS PAVILION  WE'LL TAKE YOU ON A VIRTUAL TRIP TO WM FACTORY IN SWITZERLAND! After the forced stop in 2020, WM Thermoforming Machines is back at CHINAPLAS 2021, one of the world’s most influential plastic events. The exhibition, rescheduled for April 13-16 2021, will be held in Shenzhen


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Switzerland Global Enterprise has launched the virtual showroom of the Swiss packaging, processing and plastics industry, and we are part of it! Begin the visit right now and explore our stand: Contact us on:  for any questions or further information. or subscribe to our newsletter to follow our updates or follow us

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