Project Description

Downward stacker

Part 2 Machine FC 780

“Downward Stacker” a successful story of a tailor made solution

The solution, developed by WM’s Technical Department, in collaboration with the customer, was simple and effective, replacing the standard stacker with a Downward stacker.

The downward stacker is driven by a servomotor with 5 speed adjustments. There is a moving scrap clamp frame, a suction plate with suction-cups adapted for each productparts counting and extraction conveyor belt.

  • First result – The working height for the collection of formed parts is only 900 mm high, similar to the height of a standard table, as opposed to a height of 1400 mm for the standard machine, so there is no need for a platform behind the machine.
  • Second result – The suction plate with the appropriate number of suction-cups, positioned in a matrix like a chess board, can stack all the shapes and with a servomotor drive and dedicated software, each part is counted and deposited gently one on top of the other.

With this solution the product can be deposited one part at a time allowing for individual inspection, making it ideal for medical shapes.

  • Third result – The changeover of the stacker from one product to another is quick and easy.
  • Fourth result – The output is kept high, due to the application of the moving scrap clamp. The machine achieved a production rate of 41 cycles/1’ with a cavitised tray, produced from 350 microns R-APET.