WM livestream, Synergizing Technologies – Fall Edition

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We had a blast at our Synergizing Technologies fall edition: thanks to our speakers Luca Oliverio, Andrea Crespi, Jörg Huth and Gregory Romanski, but it was also great to receive such response from the audience! We had interesting discussions about tilting technology, flexible solutions on stacking system, tooling, testing made on PET and expanded

Flexibility…. a choice or a must?

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It goes without saying that we are living in more fast-changing and unpredictable times where our short-term actions and mid-term vision require the needed flexibility to respond to the volatile business world we are living in. Current supply chain disruptions such as material shortages, container shipping overbooking, increased resin pricing as well as high

Boosting efficiency with INDUSTRY 4.0

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The 2021 SPE Thermoforming Conference takes place in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 20 to 22. This year’s format will be hybrid, both virtually and in-person, and will focus on “Smart Manufacturing: Intelligently forming the future”. Gregory Romanski, sales manager from WM Thermoforming Machines, will talk about the company’s work to incorporate automation and Industry

WM Thermoforming Machines designed and built for perfect cutting

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Manufacturers of PET trays, until now, have sold their items indicated as produced from rPET, while enjoying the abundance of good quality rPET, coming from bottle waste. Now they must prepare for a progressive difficulty in obtaining this material, because new European rules require bottles to be made with at least 30% of post-consumer

WM Livestream Open House SYNERGIZING TECHNOLOGIES – Summer Edition

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LIVESTREAM OPEN HOUSE SYNERGIZING TECHNOLOGIES – Summer Edition RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW July the 1st 2021 – 3 sessions available ARE YOU WITH US? WHY participate? -To meet international thermoforming experts specialized in food packaging application -To talk about PET using real projects as inspiration: lids and tamper-evident containers -To outline the key

WM brings thermoforming to BANDERA PLASTIC WEEK 2021

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On 21, 22, 23 and 25 June, Bandera THOE - The House of Extrusion®, will host Bandera Plastic Week, the live digital event to show case Bandera’s latest innovations for the plastics industry. The four days will be characterized by the presentation of Bandera's technologies and by debates and web seminars on current topics,

PLAST Milan has been postponed to 2023, but WM has plans underway

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WM Sales Director Luca Oliverio, and the Area managers Ottavio Tonon and Stefano Gotti discuss about the postponed PLAST exhibition, and about the upcoming events in WM. Ottavio Tonon: Hey Luca. It’s too bad that PLAST Milan has been postponed, and we can't exhibit this year, right? Luca Oliverio: Yeah. But we are planning

Upax thermoforming machine acceptance in WM

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Russia comes to Switzerland: successful acceptance for thermoforming machine FC 780 IM/2 WM Thermoforming Machines successfully concluded the acceptance of the newest FC 780 IM/2 for the Russian market, for customer UPAX-Unity, based in Perm, Russia. Upax came to Stabio headquarter last week for a full immersion session with the technicians from WM and

Компания WM примет участие в выставке Росупак

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Компания WM рада сообщить о своем участии в престижном мероприятии Rosupack (Российская Федерация) с 15 июня 2021 года. Выставка завершится 18 июня 2021 года. Россия уже несколько лет является особенно важным и стратегическим рынком для WM. В ближайшее время компания планирует еще больше расширить сотрудничество и экспорт своей продукции на территорию Российской Федерации. Чтобы

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