Have you ever worried about a product batch being returned due to non-conformity? Imagine analyzing every single tray before it’s boxed, with precision and detail far surpassing human capabilities. Now, stop imagining – this is now a reality.

Introducing our AI-Powered Vision System: the future of thermoforming quality control.

WM introduces the AI-Powered Vision System (patent pending) by AUSIL Systems, Spain. This game-changing system enables the in-line automated inspection of the thermoformed products using Artificial Intelligence, and can be integrated into all machines.

It’s not just about detecting flaws; it’s about advancing manufacturing excellence to the next level.

What does the Vision System do?

  • Analyses Tray Defects: During the manufacturing cycle time, the system uses AI techniques to analyze the presence of tray defects.
  • Integrated with Thermoforming Line: It is directly connected and synchronized with the thermoforming line for seamless operation.
  • Customizable Criteria: Acceptance or rejection criteria can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Defect Detection and Removal: When one or several defective trays are detected, the system identifies them on the HMI and activates an alarm. The defective trays are removed from the production line by its automatic packaging system, managed by the press and the vision system itself.
  • Immediate and Historical Review: Defects can be reviewed immediately on the system HMI, or the inspection history can be reviewed for analysis at a later stage.

The advantages of the Vision System:

  • Beyond Manual Checks: say goodbye to tedious manual inspections. Our system provides an unfaltering eye, detecting even the smallest discrepancies with over ten times the accuracy of the human eye.
  • Learn and Adapt: with the power of machine learning, our system continuously improves, learning what’s acceptable and what’s not. With each piece inspected, it becomes even more skilled at identifying imperfections.
  • Peace of Mind: rest easy knowing your production process is protected by the most advanced and efficient quality control method available.This system integrates seamlessly into your production line, ensuring every product meets your high standards.
  • Unmatched assurance for clients: extend unparalleled quality and reliability to your customers. This isn’t just a service; it’s a promise of excellence and satisfaction.

Join us for a live demonstration at WM Headquarters in Stabio, Switzerland, from May 23rd to the end of June 2024.

Don’t miss out on the future of quality control. Reserve your appointment today and prepare to be amazed!

When: from May 23rd till the end of June 2024 – AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME
Where: WM THERMOFORMING MACHINES SA, Via dei Pioppi 3, 6855 Stabio Switzerland

Contact us at: sales@wm-thermoforming.com

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