In response to the growing need for sustainable packaging, Chima has chosen WM as a partner to create ABiPACK® – a revolutionary packaging solution blending polymer and paper. Leveraging Chima’s expertise in plastic and paper packaging and WM’s four decades of thermoforming prowess, ABiPACK® is tailored to meet the demands of today’s green and recyclable market.

“The know-how of Chima has enabled WM to develop a machine capable of meeting the technical requirements for the production of ABiPACK®.” Said Ottavio Tonon, Project Manager at WM.

Here’s why ABiPACK® stands out:

  • 100% Recyclable Material: ABiPACK® utilizes a unique material composition that allows for separate recycling of its components, ensuring maximum sustainability.
  • 50% Plastic Reduction: By incorporating paper components while maintaining mechanical properties, ABiPACK® achieves significant plastic reduction without compromising performance.

Tailored Solutions: ABiPACK® offers unmatched customization with adaptable tray designs, accommodating various prints and graphics to meet diverse packaging requirements.

Enhanced Product Freshness: Leveraging PET and optimized tray configurations, ABiPACK® guarantees product freshness and prolonged shelf life.

In terms of production, ABiPACK® harnesses WM’s FC thermoforming machines, augmented by additional robotic units developed by Chima. This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration and efficient manufacturing processes. The robust partnership between WM and Chima, cultivated over a decade, is underscored by Chima’s ownership of four FC780 E thermoforming lines, which have played a pivotal role in bringing the ABiPACK® vision to fruition over the years.

ABiPACK® sets a new standard in sustainable packaging, offering both environmental responsibility and product quality.

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