When producing and selling goods or services, there are 3 main factors contributing to success: the market, the people and the machines. When it comes to plastics, there is an additional and very significant aspect: environment.

“We are all familiar with the ongoing environmental debate and the policies and regulations arising from it”, explained Luca Oliverio, General Director of WM Thermoforming Machines. “In some markets these decisions have practically wiped out certain businesses.”

But in addition to this “destruction” there has also been a change of directon. Now we see the effects bringing new value to the plastics market: for example, the attention to recyclability, and the research in single-material barrier films.

In this context, we are working extensively on innovative technologies that enable more sustainable production with our machines, and in order to achieve this goal, both our customers and our suppliers and subcontractors are crucial.”

Oliverio’s words show the attention paid to collecting and bringing together all the feedbacks from customers, production technicians, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors, in order to fully understand the new needs and new solutions bringing innovation to the market in terms of sustainability. Also because, as pointed out by Oliverio: “From our point of view, plastics are a very important resource for everyone and must be preserved. We must recycle them more and more so that fewer virgin materials are used. The ultimate goal is to have fewer but better performing materials”.

Photo: center, Luca Oliverio, General Director of WM

“We are strongly convinced that these concept can bring significant growth opportunities for us, for our customers and for our supply chain”, Oliverio finally concluded.

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