2021 has been an important and productive year for WM.

First of all because it has been the year of its 40th anniversary.

To celebrate this important milestone, the Swiss company has organized several activities during the year, such as the Synergizing Technologies event series.

Synergizing Technologies is a series of livestream events hosted by WM, each about 1/1.30h long, featuring guests from the thermoforming industry such as mold makers, extrusion lines makers, thermoformers and so on. These events are a chance to hear about future developments and market trends from plastics industry insiders, and to ask questions to thermoforming experts specialized in food packaging application.

“Since we started with Synergizing Technologies, we saw a great increase of interest, due to interesting contributions from partner companies as Bandera, KGL, Kiefer, Marbach and from Customers as well as many specific arguments around the thermoforming machine itself prepared from the Company WM specifically for the events. Attendees from all over the world took part actively in the events, which are completely live, and contributed with interesting questions or insights” Sales Area Manager Jörg Huth said.

“WM strongly believes in Synergy, and in 2022 we will have more events like these, so we invite all customers to keep an eye on the updates we post constantly through our website, YouTube channel and Linkedin pages, and take part in the next events”

“Our 40th anniversary was also an opportunity to recognize the importance of the people who work at WM, who have been portrayed in 12 images with the shared theme of Passion, and which are collected in the WM 2022 Calendar. The Calendar is an opportunity to take a journey inside the company, and show the faces of our people, even the lesser known ones of those who work behind the scenes to always guarantee the highest quality.

The calendar is available for download on our website, or through our Linkedin page. We hope you enjoy it”.

WM 2022 calendar is now available for download. Click here.

And now towards 2022…

The year 2022 will start with 2 international appointments for plastic processing machinery manufacturers in January: Plastex Cairo (January 9 – 12, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo), very important for the Middle East and North Africa area, and Interplastica (January 25 – 28, at Expocentre, Moscow), the main fair for the Russian market.

WM will attend both of them in presence at their agents stand, respectively ACIS in Egypt with the Area manager Ottavio Tonon, and PLASTMASH in Russia with Area Manager Joerg Huth.

For more information visit our website and/or our Linkedin page.

Happy New Year to everyone!