It goes without saying that we are living in more fast-changing and unpredictable times where our short-term actions and mid-term vision require the needed flexibility to respond to the volatile business world we are living in. Current supply chain disruptions such as material shortages, container shipping overbooking, increased resin pricing as well as high employee turnover and shortage of qualified personal in production are probably the most important challenges the thermoforming industry is facing in 2021. This situation demands even more immediate actions from the management to guarantee the company’s business continuity and competitiveness.

Also, at WM thermoforming Machines, we had to act quickly and efficiently to minimize increased machine lead times due to supply chain shortages for which maximal organizational flexibility was required.

Flexibility is not only a must to overcome difficult times and manage the unexpected, but when applying them in each of the following day-by-day operations, it becomes part of WM’s philosophy and strategy:

  • Technology: a flexible approach to meet new customer demands and specific market requirements offering quick and tailormade solutions in a timely manner.
  • Synergizing technologies with the different right partners: while several thermoforming machine manufacturers are opting to integrate automation and tooling vertically or horizontally within their organization, WM Thermoforming Machines decided to build strong partnerships with different global key suppliers who share the same vision allowing us to respond to the different market requirements.
  • Suppliers: the flexibility of our suppliers is becoming increasingly important to effectively manage costs and resources, as well as most effectively meet customer demand. Our supply chain approach is agile and adaptable to respond to short-term changes in demand with the aim to evolve and improve over time and to best meet market expectations.
  • Customer service: as a global machine supplier, maximum availability, and a solution-focused approach with the needed professional skills guarantee continuous customer satisfaction.
  • Production: Utilizing production flexibility well may contribute to reduce the cost of external factors which could impact on a process.

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