Manufacturers of PET trays, until now, have sold their items indicated as produced from rPET, while enjoying the abundance of good quality rPET, coming from bottle waste.

Now they must prepare for a progressive difficulty in obtaining this material, because new European rules require bottles to be made with at least 30% of post-consumer material waste, and consequently bottle producers have created their own recycling chain, which is called “Bottle to Bottle”.

The challenge for WM’s customers in the rigid food packaging sector, who mainly produce trays, will be to follow the example of the bottle producers and obtain food-grade rPET by carrying out their own separate post-consumer collection of trays and creating the recycling chain for “Tray to Tray”.

The experience of the Dutch packaging producer Faerch can be taken as an example. With the acquisition in the Netherlands of 4PET Recycling, they are able to separate, wash and extrude their material, and the rPET obtained is thermoformed, closing the “Tray to Tray” cycle.

WM Thermoforming Machines offers multiple possibilities to adjust the parameters and produce thermoformed rPET containers.

The thermoformer model FC 780 IM2 (max. forming area 780×570 mm), is a perfect example of the efforts that WM puts into the design of their thermoforming equipment: on one hand it responds to the need to produce high quality rPET lids and tamper-evident trays with the least possible use of material; on the other hand, it meets the worldwide demand for production plants with an ever-decreasing environmental footprint.

The FC 780 range is designed to minimize machine and tool wear, thanks to less elongation of the tie-bars, perfect parallelism, and a symmetric double-toggle system. The system so can achieve a perfect cutting.

With FC 780 IM2 the packaging maker has the freedom to choose to produce lids or trays, whether to use moulds with in-mould cutting technology or with separate cutting, according to the type of material (PP or rPET) or the dimensional tolerances required by the product.

The addition of a 3-axis robot facilitates the stacking of complex shapes, allows a reduction in the gap between the cavities of the mould, thereby obtaining a significant saving of plastic material.

The machine also has an accurate control system of the heater-banks through multiple temperature sensors, which combined with efficient side thermal insulation, reduces the heat dispersion, achieving significant energy savings.

The traditional reliability, the operator friendly use and the low maintenance requirements of WM machines are preserved unaltered and are also supported by an after-sales assistance that has never left a customer in difficulty.

WM, with its agent for Belgium and The Netherlands “ORA MACHINES NV”, will be pleased to meet thermoforming companies and present the achievements and innovations of WM Thermoforming Machines in the field of thermoforming technology, at the fair: Kunststoffenbeurs – Booth N° 46. On 15 -16 / 09 / 2021 in Brabant Allen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

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