WM Sales Director Luca Oliverio, and the Area managers Ottavio Tonon and Stefano Gotti discuss about the postponed PLAST exhibition, and about the upcoming events in WM.

Ottavio Tonon: Hey Luca. It’s too bad that PLAST Milan has been postponed, and we can’t exhibit this year, right?

Luca Oliverio: Yeah. But we are planning a series of events here in WM. It will be a great opportunity to see our machines. When my father got me started in the plastics business, the very first event I attended was PLAST.  It was the 80’s… Since then, every show has been an incredible experience and I’ve learned so much. Do you remember when I joined WM?

WM Sales team near the machine From left to right: Ottavio Tonon (Area Manager North-Central Italy) , Luca Oliverio (Sales Director), Stefano Gotti (Area Manager South Italy)

Stefano Gotti: It was 2001 right? October… At K2001 Dusseldorf we were still using the German Mark. Then in January 2002 they switched to Euro.

Ottavio: At that time I was in charge of WM technical department.

Stefano: Then you came to the Sales Department… Since then the machines have been working better.

Luca: Since then we’ve gone through a lot, and there has been an incredible evolution in WM. When I first started in sales, “9/11” had just happened. Then in 2008 there was the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis, in 2011 the sovereign debt crisis, in 2015 the China stock market crash, and now in 2020 the Pandemic. But every time we reacted as a team and succeeded. Still, there is one thing missing: the contact with the customer. It gives you great energy and power, with remote interaction it’s difficult to feel the same. This is why we are preparing our physical and remote open house, with all the safety measures.

Luca Oliverio and Stefano Gotti in front of the machine

Stefano: Have we set the date yet?

Luca: Sure, it will be the first half of July. The Plast was supposed to be end of June, we will do our open house right after. I can’t wait to meet with all the customers, it will be a great event.