Russia comes to Switzerland: successful acceptance for thermoforming machine FC 780 IM/2

WM Thermoforming Machines successfully concluded the acceptance of the newest FC 780 IM/2 for the Russian market, for customer UPAX-Unity, based in Perm, Russia.

Upax came to Stabio headquarter last week for a full immersion session with the technicians from WM and the German mould-maker Marbach.

The acceptance of the thermoforming machine was 100% successful, and Upax also tested a new tool with IM technology and the LiftStacker supplied by Marbach, using 100% R-PET foil.

The FC 780 IM/2 is the first supply in the second stage of investment of Upax and is part of a capillary action strategy for a big PET project of national importance.

With the supply of the 4th thermoforming machine with destination Perm, Russia, WM confirms its strong presence in the Russian market.

Stay tuned to see what’s next!

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