WM Thermoforming Machines has delivered to Holfeld  Plastics (*) – Ireland a company of Par Pak Europe Group one special FC 780 E HP Extended Speedmaster Plus vacuum/high pressure forming machine, which  included  also a punching press for holes and the space to insert an in-line padding machine made by the UK based company Forming Automation for absorbent or bubble padding.

With the machine, manufactured by WM, the customer has in production soft fruits punnets made in clear r-APET with or without bubble pad. The punnets are simple and effective with separate lid, and they are available in different dimensions and volumes, vented or unvented.

The FC 780 E HP Speedmaster Plus is a digital thermoforming machine and it has maximum tool dimensions of 780 x 570 mm and a maximum forming height positive/negative of 130 mm. The sheet heating section is equipped with both upper and lower heater banks with HTS black infrared ceramic heating elements with independently controlled zones; this solution saves approx. 15% of heating energy consumption.

Forming is by means of compressed air up 7 bars and vacuum, which can be programmed in the required sequence. The forming process positive or negative, can be quickly changed between the upper and lower platen. On the machine is installed a servo driven plug movement, 3rd motion, for a better definition of the formed parts.

On the machine is installed a servo driven plug movement, 3rd motion, for a better definition of the formed parts. The products are cut-out using heated steel rule blades, then automatically counted, stacked trough a 3-axis robot, and extracted by two belt conveyors.  The machine anyway is compact thanks to the integration of the electric cabinet in the dimensions of the machine. The side operator is also more accessible to facilitate the quick mould change, thanks also to the special supports for tools extraction. Forming unit and Holes Punching press, whit a toggle closing, develop clamping forces of 30,000 daN. In both presses, the regulation of upper and lower platens heights is done with electric motors. The cutting unit, with a toggle closing, guided by four tie bars, develops his power of 60,000 daN. It is possible to read the forming and cutting actual used force on the machine monitor, and also to know the water flow in the mould and the sheet temperature before thermoforming.

All the adjustments and settings are made through a B&R touch-screen LCD monitor. WM Thermoforming Machines has also upgraded the after sales assistance to the clients by its Swiss based engineers, using an advanced and faster “remote access connection unit” the Wi-Fi Gate Manager. This unit allows WM engineers to read on their PC, in their office in Switzerland, the video pages of the machine in the client’s factory and so, based on clear information, they can help the operator with diagnosis and corrective actions.

WM Thermoforming Machines FC 780 E HP with Holes Punching Press are in operation in many countries, like Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, France, UK and many more.

(*) Holfeld Plastics was established in 1978 and is now a member of the US-based Waddington Group of company.