The thermoforming machine for the leading companies in the market

The Swiss manufacturer WM Thermoforming Machines currently is gaining a growing acceptance within the Mexican thermoforming market and already has more than 10 thermoforming machines installed since their introduction in 2013 in Mexico. The different technologies from steel-rule cutting (FC series), tilting machine with trimming (FT series) and thermoformer with in-line extrusion (INTEC series) account for the success and annual sales growth over the last few years. For this occasion, the company will be exhibiting the FC 780 E HP IM2 model with the steel rule cutting and punching technology during the upcoming edition of the Expo Plastimagen, event that will take place from November 7th-11th at the Centro Banamex in Mexico-City. High performance, constant forming quality, mechanical robustness, very short re-tooling time, high cutting accuracy and flexibility as well as ease of use are only a few advantages of the FC Speedmaster Plus series which offers a very broad portfolio and provides the best solution for all the different production requirements of the packaging industry.

During 4 days, the machine will be in running mode producing egg trays in 0.35 mm PET material at 40 cycles/min. The FC 780 E HP IM2 machine is ideal for those companies that recently started in the thermoforming market and currently are still developing their market strategy requiring high flexibility in order to produce products from meat trays, clamshells up to packaging solutions for the industry.


WM Thermoforming Machines, opening a world of opportunities 

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