In February, during week 6, 7 and 8 visit our headquarter in Stabio (Switzerland) and see our complete In-line plants and the Vacuum and pressure thermoforming machines in running mode.

In particular, the models that will be showcased are:


  • TWIST 700 with Multistacker MSv7

MOULD 12 CAVITIES, 108 mm PET ICE-CUPS, 2.3 mm thickness

The TWIST 700 is a pressure forming – punch and die machine with lower tilting platen without mechanical cams. One step ahead technology that makes TWIST 700 the most interesting solution for medium-high productions of tubs,dairy containers, pots, disposable cups and lids that require closed cutting tollerance, high product quality within a fully automated process


  • INTEC FT 900/2 with Rotostacker MSv9

MOULD 54 CAVITIES, 73 mm PP CUPS rim rolled, 6.5 gr

The INTEC In-line is a fully automated system that transform the plastic pellets raw material into final product, with integrated sleeving and boxing process.

WM is a specialist in this application and can count more than 100 In-line plants sold and operative all around the world.


  • FT 700 with Rotostacker RS7

MOULD 18 CAVITIES, 9,5 mm PET TUBS, 10 gr

The FT 700 is a pressure forming-punch and die machines with lower tilting plate studied to fulfill the customer’s demand for medium and high productions of disposable cups, dairy containers and tubs that require closed cutting tolerance, high product quality fully automated processed.


  • FC 780 E HP Speedmaster Plus Steel rule with hole punching press


Vacuum and pressure forming 4 station with additional holes punching press and inline steel rule cutting,  the FC 780 E HP Speedmaster Plus can process all thermoplastic materials like PP, PS, APET, CPET, PS, PLA, OPS, EPS, PVC, guaranteeing an optimized efficiency and higher performance with any material.

One of the most important features is the possibility to work with all thermoforming mold technologies such as male or female molds as well as positive and negative forming molds.

Don’t hesitate and ask your Area Manager to book your visit at WM.