The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. (Benjamin Franklin)

This is the right time to take a break from everyday life and devote yourself to all the most valuable things in life, make analysis and consider what you have done during the year that is coming to an end.

To dedicate ourselves to what is important for us, leads to make some considerations on aspects of everyday life that has an impact on our daily habits.

In our opinion there are at least two different solutions to arrive to one result. The long road that requires a lot of effort and groundwork versus the shorter and easier but most likely also the less correct way.

Eventually, everybody will find himself between the two paths even when we know for ourselves, which is the right one to take. At the end, our choices directly or indirectly will have an impact that affect or even may change the course of the things.

There are many examples, from the artwork and its copy to the brand and its counterfeit. In any case, the common features are on the one hand commitment, intelligence, work, on the other the false.

The same thing happens in the industrial machines and patented inventions, the field that concerns us.

The serious and high-technology companies which continue to invest in highly skilled employees, research and testing, with the aim of bringing innovation to the market by offering technological advancement and the creation of even more efficient devices. This to be competitive and provide that extra edge that leads the customer to choose one product instead of another, paying back the company of costs and efforts.

Next to those serious companies there is the “copying” that, if properly executed, can work, at least in the short time. Copying without understanding why one choice has been taken instead of another. But at the eye of the end user or to the distracted consumer or uninformed person, the difference can elude or cannot appear so impressive.

On the other side the counterfeit product will be much cheaper and often the buyer is not willing to appreciate the reasons for the price difference. So we have to entrust the final choice to the common sense of those who buy the final product, the customers, which are free to decide to which one of the two products address to.

From our point of view it is a matter of “industrial culture” which, like any other kind of culture, cannot be improvised but it’s built, it’s a Value created over time.

Well, we strongly believe that this Value belongs to WM Thermoforming Machines we think we have showed it daily since the beginning of our activity and we will continue this path for the future, being aware of the difficulties and the costs that this choice entails.

We are confident that in 2016 our customers will continue to join the same path we truly think deserves to be chased.

We wish you to have the time to enjoy this season and be able to realize all your desires pursuing your Values.