Introducing WM Thermoforming Inc. and its Technology

A significant number of the major US plastic processing companies, represented in total by 65 attendees, were present during last month’s Thermoforming Technology Days in Elkhorn (WI) where they were able to get a more in-depth knowledge on the latest technologies of WM’s thermoforming machinery as well as of mold makers and auxiliary machine suppliers.

During the event, the participants were able to address all their questions to our sales manager Luca Oliverio accompanied by his technician while analyzing the WM’s punch and die thermoforming machine FT 900 with its RS9 stacker in running mode at 30 cycles/min with 54 cavities mould.

After a full day program consisting of presentations and demonstrations of each of the participating manufacturers, personnel and guests were invited to a breathtaking place at Lake Geneva where they had a chance to further exchange their ideas and switch to relax mode.

With the very positive feedback from the thermoforming producers, persuaded of our new technology, WM is convinced that they will be the right long term partner with the right product covering current and future requirements of changing market niches in the United states. Our clients may expect a well-supported and well-structured local organization providing full technical service and spare part supply. We strongly believe that a close collaboration, transparency and mutual thrust with our local business partners will contribute to a collective success story.