In February WM – Wrapping Machinery installed an FC 1000E Speedmaster Plus thermoforming machine in the “clean room” of the French company Cartolux-Thiers, part of the Top Clean Packaging group.It is the first of this model in France, which is the largest vacuum and pressure forming form-cut-stack machine, with steel rule cut, in production.The FC 1000E Speedmaster Plus can run forming moulds with a maximum size of up to 1,060 x 750mm.

The machine forming press has a clamping force of 600kN and with platen strokes of 160 mm. A servo-driven plug movement is fitted to the upper platen and it is equipped with a digital control to monitor the clamping force. The Product is cut from the sheet on a second in-line press, which has a clamping force of 1,050kN, this too is equipped with a digital control to monitor the clamping force. Both platens are equipped with “X-Y” adjustment and heated plates for the cutting knives.

The stacking operation uses a 3-axis robot, which in addition to allowing A-B-C stacking, enables the machine to handle products with complex shapes, such as those produced by this particular French customer, who works in the field of medical packaging and in packaging for electronic products such as computer screens.The formings are deposited on an adjustable inclined conveyor belt and the operator can choose whether to receive them stacked or one by one, when required by the very tight quality control procedure for medical packaging, which requires individual inspection. The machine has a heating oven with upper and lower heaters and it’s equipped with a sensor to read the actual (real) sheet temperature. The machine is controlled through a B & R computer with a touch screen monitor, which uses absolute encoders, temperature, pressure and water-flow sensors, to adjust and maintain all the parameters to keep the thermoforming process constant.In addition, there is a facility to help the machine operator to choose the best production cycle.

The machine can thermoform: PS, ABS, APET, CPET, PETG, PP, PC with sheet thickness up to 2.0 mm.

Why has this leading French company, again confirmed its confidence in the WM’s thermoforming equipment?

Because WM’s thermoforming machines guarantee: high productivity, consistent product quality, fast mould change, precise cutting, ease of use and energy savings.

The machines in the FC 1000E Speedmaster Plus range are available in different configurations to meet a variety of production needs for customer’s activities in the packaging industry.
Configurations available:

E: Forming station (600kN) + cutting press (1,050kN)

  • IM: Forming station with integrated steel rule cutting (1,300kN)
  • IM2: Forming station with integrated steel rule cutting (1,300kN) + cutting press (1,050kN)
  • HP: Forming station (600kN) + hole punch press (600kN) + cutting press (1,050kN)

We are taking this opportunity to thank Mr. Francois Berry for having again chosen WM and to allow us the use of the photos which were taken at their Thiers factory:

<< Merci! Monsieur Berry>>