In the recent years we had the opportunity to meet a Company specialized  in assembling automatic labelling systems on thermoforming machines. Baumann has provided these systems to many of our Customers in Australia, please find here below a brief presentation of the Company and applications which may be of interest.

Baumann’s career has focused on the design and implementation of packaging machinery. Baumann has been involved in all aspects of setting up new packaging and production lines, as well as retrofitting modern equipment to existing installations. This involves equipment specification, layout, line start up, and validation. Baumann specifically concentrates on applications that require new technology or approaches to automate packaging steps that have traditionally been difficult to automate.

Specialties: Baumann’s experience in PACKAGING MACHINERY DESIGN has been primarily in vacuum packing, cartoning, labelling and product handling systems. Many of these designs have been for the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries, and many of these machines have been custom applications to suit unique product characteristics with an aim to improve packaging speed and efficiency.

Frequently, many different products must be run to produce the flexibility to meet customer requirements.