The expression “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by the American mathematic John McCarthy in 1956 and, accordingly to Marvin Minsky, a real pioneer of the AI, the purpose of this new subject should be to make the machines able to do things requiring intelligence which are normally executed by humans.

However one of the first steps in this direction was made in XVII century, when Blaise Pascal invented a machine able to make additions and subtractions automatically, the progenitor of the modern calculator.

Now, we do not intend to go deeply in the AI matter, but simply introduce the concept of a machine control system able to self-adjust positioning, temperature settings, speeds etc. according to few information received by the operator. Furthermore the system should be able to re-adjust settings in case of environmental changes.

All the WM thermoforming machines series FC Speedmaster Plus, vacuum and pressure forming with steel rule cutting, are equipped with the latest generation software that provides perfect management of all the cycle parameters and machine functions.

One of the available option allows the automatic re-setting of the temperature parameters of the ovens when the environmental temperature conditions change. Once the operator has set the wanted temperature values, a pyrometer (optical reader) installed into the lower heating bank, provides to maintain in closed loop the values independently from the room temperature changings.

Finally, when tool changing operation is programmed, the system provides the automatic positioning of the different groups of the machines in the best and more suitable position for an easier operator job.

Chains transport guides, cutting press, stacker longitudinal position as well as the platens daylights are automatically operated assuring the maximum accessibility to the operator.

After the tool changing, once the new recipe data are inserted, the system will automatically re-set positioning and parameters of the machines functions ready to start the new production, saving time and avoiding scraps.

Machines of FT Desmoformer series, forming and die punching in mould, may be equipped with a wide range of stacking units. The RS Rotostack group consists of a 180° degree rotating plate with catching mandrels which evacuate formed parts from the mould cavities transferring them into a collecting cage.

When a new mould is installed on the machine, the operator has to set up the strokes and the sequences of the stacking robot RS according to the shape and size of the product. In the past this operation took a long time, now with the new software program the operator simulates manually the movements of the catching mandrels on the initial and final stacking positions and then all the cycle phases, the revolving speeds as well as the intermediate positioning will be automatically calculated and set by the processor in few seconds avoiding mistakes and reducing set up time.

A step more toward the Artificial Intelligence, a real “machine learning system”.

The MLS system, based on an extremely reliable and well tested B&R industrial PC is also equipped with ETHERNET switches to connect the line to the Company network.

The remote service assistance is assured by a new access hardware support, an evolution of the traditional modem connection, with the advantage of higher speed without phone connection costs, in order to guarantee an after sale service more efficient and precise all over the world.