In 2004, WM was asked to find a solution to a special requests from BWA (now Entiris), a Belgian company which was interested in a thermoforming machine model FC 600 E vacuum/high pressure forming machine, with a stacking solution including the following characteristics:

  1. Offer a comfortable working height for disabled operators, when collecting the thermoformed parts.
  2. Avoid the construction of new stacker pushers for the customer existing moulds, which were built for vacuum and vacuum/low pressure forming machines.
  3. Increase machine output, even with the existing moulds.

The solution, developed by WM’s Technical Department, in collaboration with the customer, was simple and effective, replacing the standard stacker with a Downward stacker.

The downward stacker is driven by a servomotor with 5 speed adjustments. There is a moving scrap clamp frame, a suction plate with suction-cups adapted for each productparts counting and extraction conveyor belt.


  • First result – The working height for the collection of formed parts is only 900 mm high, similar to the height of a standard table, as opposed to a height of 1400 mm for the standard machine, so there is no need for a platform behind the machine
  • Second result – The suction plate with the appropriate number of suction-cups, positioned in a matrix like a chess board, can stack all the shapes and with a servomotor drive and dedicated software, each part is counted and deposited gently one on top of the other
  • With this solution the product can be deposited one part at a time allowing for individual inspection, making it ideal for medical shapes
  • Third result – The changeover of the stacker from one product to another is quick and easy
  • Fourth result – The output is kept high, due to the application of the moving scrap clamp. The machine achieved a production rate of 41 cycles/1’ with a cavitised tray, produced from 350 microns R-APET

Subsequently, WM has found other useful applications for the downward stacker on both the FC 600 E and FC 780 E Speedmaster Plus machines, especially for customers employed in the production of medical packagingPP lids and for short-run jobs.

Today our Downward Stacker can be found on our machine supplied all over the world: Belgium, UK, France, Australia and Taiwan.