News from WM. The company has recently made an upgrade on the highest series of forming machines with steel rule cutting: the models FC 1000 E.

This technical update has allowed to give to these machines the Speedmaster Plus level as happened already on the series FC 780 E, but not only.

The dimension of the forming station has been increased to 1060x750mm and consequently the clamping and cutting force have been improved respectively to 600kN and 1050 kN.

This line of vacuum and pressure thermoforming machines represents, nowadays, one of the biggest achievement in the field of the forming machines with inline steel rule cutting press available on the market.

The first FC 1000 E Speedmaster Plus has already been delivered to an important Brazilian company in the IM version, with a single in mould steel rule cutting and forming station and stacking and counting system by a three axis robot. This means that this model can make A-B and also A-B-C stacking by an 180° rotation of the taking hand.

This specific model FC 1000 E IM Speedmaster Plus presents a forming and cutting station that can develop a clamping force of 1300 kN, necessary considering the relevant size of the moulds which can be used on it (1060 x 750 mm).

Are also available the model FC 1000 E IM/2 Speedmaster Plus, equipped with a second trimming press, and the model FC 1000 E HP Speedmaster Plus with an intermediate hole punching press.