Today the number of WM thermoforming plants operating among our Customers all over the world has reached about 1.000 units.

This important achievement has brought our company to develop for our Customers an After Sales Service more and more efficient and rapid both for the technical support, with targeted intervention at the plant of the Customer, than for the supply of the spare parts.

About the first mentioned aspect, that is the technical assistance at Customer plant, WM established from a long time an internal Service Department consist of a dedicated staff of mechanical and electrical specialists coordinated by a Supervisor.

This team of technicians is periodically kept up to date about innovations on the existing machines and, when a new model is realized, those who will take care of the Service on the new machine are involved from the first tests on the prototype model, in order to have a greater knowledge of the innovative technological aspects connected to the development of the product.

To provide a quick solution for the Customer, becomes essential a fast and correct identification of the cause of the problem and reach promptly a correct diagnosis.

In a preliminary analysis must be taken into consideration the way of communication between the Customer’s technician and our Service’s technician, since usually it occurs by phone and the comprehension might not be so easy. They commonly spoke in English between persons who are not used to speak English as their daily language and need a major effort for the research of the correct terms.

Certainly the Customer has the manual of the machine and all the schemes with all the necessary references, but find the cause of the problem might need some more information.

At this purpose it’s very important the possibility to use of all the tools that the modern technology make us available to help the information exchange, reducing the interpretation errors and considerably reducing the intervention time.

For this reason WM has introduced on every machine model a remote connection module for the after sales service support.

It’s a remote access hardware support that can connect up to five devices (machines, phone…). This is an evolution of the modem connection, with the advantage of higher speed without additional phone costs. WM Wrapping Machinery Service Centre will be in the position to have a direct view of the customer machine’s display on its own PC’s screen and will thus develop the assistance service in a more precise way.

No specific Firewall configurations or public IP are required, a simple Internet access through LAN will be enough. A particular safety system and a Firewall integrated in the system allow separating the automation traffic of the Customer’s network. (see the explaining picture).

This not always avoid the intervention of a technician at the Customer’s plant, but certainly helps to get interventions more targeted and resolving.

When the intervention is concluded, a detailed report of the work done is compiled by the Technical Department. All the information contained in it converge into a constantly updated statistic which is periodically transmitted to the Technical and Design department to outline the problems occurred, their frequency and a clear indication of the aspects to be improved.

All this work is absolutely precious to improve the efficiency and reliability of the machines, to grant a constant qualitative upgrading and provide useful information for the progress of the new projects.

The energies and the resources dedicated to the Customer Service are an important and profitable investment for the company and worthy of continuous attention.

The complete Customer satisfaction is not only the result of an efficient Service, but it’s a strategic primary objective of our company.