WM Wrapping Machinery SA, the Swiss company world renowned for its in-line and off-line thermoforming plant, will attend the 2012 at NPE show in Orlando, Florida, Chinaplas in  Shanghai and PLAST 2012 exhibition in Milan, Italy.

WM will present to the thermoforming industry, the new version of its roll feed, vacuum-pressure forming machine with steel rule cutting: model FC 780 E Speedmaster Plus.

This model is now in its new generation and the “Plus” is the result of all the new engineering upgrades combined with the latest generation of electronic control in the vacuum and pressure forming field.

  • The FC 780E Speedmaster Plus has a forming station with 4 tie-bars, a clamping force of 75,000 daN (75 Ton.) and it is also able to work with “in-mould cut” configured tools.
  • The thermoforming machine has a second press with 4 tie-bars and cutting force of 60,000 daN (60 Ton.) for use as a separate steel rule cutting station.
  • The machine is completed with a vertical stacking unit driven by servo-motor.
  • The FC 780E Speedmaster Plus is also available with a servo-motor to drive the plugs, “third motion” and with a well proven 2 or 3 axis “robot stacker”, to guarantee a wide range of solutions for stacking different shaped products and for A/B stack.
  • The FC 780E Speedmaster Plus can accommodate moulds with max dimensions 780×570 mm and it is also able to form products with positive and negative depth up to 130mm.

Of all the new aspects of the Speedmaster Plus, WM would like to highlight the installation of a new generation PC, supplied by B&R, which makes this machine the first “fully digital” controlled forming machine.

The PC, aside from the process control of the machine and the recording of all tool setting “recipes”, can also help the operator with automatic set up of the production cycle: the operator is taken, step by step by the PC, entering the requested information, in a very simple and intuitive process.

WM has also upgraded the After Sales assistance to the customer from its Swiss based engineers, with the replacement of the traditional “modem” with an advanced and faster “remote access connection unit”. This unit can connect and control up to 5 different items (machine, telephone, web camera, etc.) and enables WM engineers to read on their PC in their Swiss office, the video pages of the machine in the customer’s factory. Then having clear information, they can help the operator with diagnosis and corrective actions.

The future evolution of this technology will allow the possibility of video-assistance for the customer.

We call this: the “good evolution”.