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Seventy-five years ago, Germany emerged from a disastrous war, broken.

“Nevertheless”, observed the sociologist Ulrich Beck (1944-2015), “Germany is transformed from a docile schoolgirl into a teacher of Europe”. Like it or not, whether it is Europe’s locomotive or not, it is still so.

Among the international events scheduled by the Swiss company WM Thermoforming Machines, a prestigious place belongs to the prestigious Interpack fair in Düsseldorf, which was originally scheduled to be held from May 7thto 13th2020, and has now been postponed by the organizers to February 25thto March 3rd next year in order to counter the spread of coronavirus.

“All the B2B events held in Germany are important, but I must point out that Interpack is not exactly a fair for manufacturers of packaging machines, like WM” explained Luca Oliverio, Sales Director of WM Thermoforming Machines. “Interpack is an event where the exhibitors are mostly companies who sell packaging to the industry, like our customers, or companies producing machinery to sell directly to the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries. In the supply chain WM is located one step behind. But the fact that our customers are at Interpack is the reason why it is important for us to be there, although with discretion”. The word “discretion” used by Oliverio finds its raison d’être in the choice of the Swiss company to exhibit at Interpack without any machinery, but only with a sober stand and visual communication, videos and 3D images. WM Thermoforming Machines will present a recent development in terms of production automation, which has proven to simplify the coffee capsule manufacturing cycle.

“It is not uncommon that our thermoforming machines with lower tilting platen end up being used by food producers who grind coffee beans themselves according to tradition to achieve an enhanced taste, instead of being employed in factories that combine polyesters, adhesives, aluminum, silicone etc. Nothing unusual with it, but those who know how to make food not always know how to run a thermoforming line. This is why in our range some solutions are equipped with an electronic cam, which automatically takes care of adjustments that usually require specialized operators”, Oliverio points out.

In the manufacturing sector there is a continuous attention to the development of new electronic systems, and WM’s electronic cam is one of them. It controls and regulates the motion in machines with 2 or more axis, and since the integrated processor can reproduce a prefixed law of motion (called “plan of motion”)the electronic cam is able to control and adjust automatically the thermoforming cycle and the following operations, such as hole punching, transferring and stacking without interruptions to the manufacturing process.

“Technological and scientific advancements are always meant to lead to an improvement, and with this systemWM wants to help reduce the manual work of the operator and make it easier” concludes Oliverio, stressing that “Technological progress and economic development have always been strictlyinterconnected”.


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