WM Wrapping Machinery SA the Swiss manufacturer of thermoforming plants will participate to the PLAST 2015 exhibition in Milan (5th-9th May) presenting the last version of the SPEEDMASTER PLUS pressure forming machine model FC 780 E IM2 with steel rule cutting station and fully automated counting and stacking robot system.

The new series SPEEDMASTER PLUS is a new generation of vacuum and pressure forming machines, assuring the highest level of automation and with a new B&R control system guarantees efficiency and higher performances  with any materials.

Constant forming quality, very short re-tooling time, accuracy in cutting, high flexibility  and very ease of use are only few of the advantages of these machines.

The SPEEDMASTER PLUS machines include integrated power regeneration: the kinetic energy generated during braking movements is converted in electrical energy that is regenerated into the power system of the machine with important resulting on energy saving.

The range of models proposed by WM Wrapping Machinery SA is very wide including in-mould cutting versions as well as holes punching solutions. The model presented at PLAST 2015 is the FC 780 IM2 with a forming area of 780 x 570 mm, the machine may form and cut in the same forming station and/or cut in a second in line station.

The FC SPEEDMASTER PLUS thermoformers are fitted with two infrared ceramic heaters, upper and lower, the adjustment of the temperatures occurs by independent longitudinal rows (upper and lower) Various partitions are available to optimize the heating in function of type of material to be processed. An optical reader is also installed in order to have an automatic closed loop control of the temperature. The entire oven structure is insulated to keep heat dispersion at minimum, increasing the yield, providing further  energy saving.

Forming/cutting station and the second cutting press are both with two independent movable platens (upper and lower) which runs along four tie-bars, moved by  combined double-toggle and servomotor driven connecting a rod and crank system. A motorized vertical adjustment of upper and lower platens guarantee perfect controls of the cut height. Automatic mould locking and X-Y axis adjustment are available on both platens. The X-Y movement is electrically driven and fitted with position tranducers. Stacking system consists of a 3 axis robot available to solve stacking of complex shapes even with A-B-C function.

All the thermoforming machines FC SPEEDMASTER PLUS are equipped with the latest generation software that provides perfect management of all cycle parameters and machine functions.

Special pages are dedicated to the various settings and readouts. The system is also fitted with a cycle self-setting processor. A touch screen panel is fitted on a sliding arm which runs the length

Of the operator side of the machine. Remote service assistance is assured by a new access hardware support, an evolution of the modem connection, with the advantage of higher speed without phone connection costs, which guarantees an after-sale service more efficient and precise all over the world.

Machine on the stand will be displayed  with a mould for clamp shield  container made of APET material.

WM Wrapping Machinery SA manufactures  a complete range of  thermoforming machines including punch and die machines with lower tilting platen and specific in line systems with extruders for very high capacity.

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PLAST 2015 HALL 13 booth C31  D32